Features to Look for When Buying Laptop

The modern world is mostly dependent on computers for a variety of reasons. We need it for every little task ranging from business to daily life. Though mobile phones are capable of completing most of these tasks, still we need computers, especially for the official activities. And that's why tablets and laptops have become so popular especially to those who are always on trips. Not only the service holders or businessmen but also the students take help of the computers. And it is easier for them to carry the laptops to their classes.


The benefits of the laptops are that they are portable and lightweight. Besides, they have long-lasting batteries than any other such portable devices. Also, they are comparatively inexpensive and comes at various prices. That's why it is easy to find a laptop that easily fits into your budget. You can check https://www.orphanlaptops.com/ to know about the different prices and their features. However, when you are buying a laptop you should consider many factors apart from the weight and performance of that laptop. Some other features that you should check before selecting a laptop are given below:

System Memory

One of the first things you should check before buying your laptop is the RAM. The amount of the available system memory of your laptop is important. If it fits your budget and you are not out of cash you should go for at least 1 GB RAM. It is the minimum requirement for the laptops to make sure all the necessary applications will run smoothly. Besides, you should know that you can add additional memory to your existing laptop if you want to. For the external memory, you can check the online page.


This is another important aspect to check when buying a laptop. The latest laptops have a CPU of multi-core multi-thread processors which have outperformed the previous multi-core single thread processors.     Other laptops may use 6th Generation AMD A-Series Processors which can also be a good choice for your laptop. In general, if you are looking for a laptop I should suggest you go with the multi-core processors. You should also remember to concentrate on the generation of the processors and go for the latest generation.

Graphics Memory

Your laptop's graphics should be up to the mark to give you a better experience. Two types of GPU are available eg. DDR 3 and ddr5. Typically, for average users, it is better to go for ddr5 rather than ddr3 of dedicated RAM. Also, you should make sure that this memory is only used for the graphics and not shared with the main memory of your laptop. Besides, If you intend to play games on the laptop, then look for advanced 3D graphics chips with about 2gB to 4gB of dedicated graphics memory.


The laptop is preferred to cell phones because of mainly two reasons. One is the battery and another is the screen size. Many prefer bigger screens to the smaller one. Laptops are now available in both types. If you are a frequent laptop user it is better for you to go with the wider one. You will feel comfortable in editing your spreadsheets or watching movies on a big screened laptop. You should also consider the place of using the laptop. If you use it mostly at home then a larger screen like 17-inch is perfect for you. But if you travel a lot, laptops with the smaller screen like 12-13 inches will be suitable for you.

Apart from these, you should also check several other features which include the battery, keyboard and pointing devices, optical drives, hard drives and weight of the laptop you intend to buy.